Frequently Asked Questions


Why 20 minutes?

Twenty minutes is enough time to make a noticeable difference in the area you choose to clean. You can easily round up a group of co-workers and spend part of your lunch outside beautifying your surroundings! Of course, if you'd like to clean for more than 20 minutes, that's great, too!


Where should I clean?

Any area that you think needs a good tidy, with the exception of highways and other high-traffic areas. Please be safe when cleaning around open water and ditches and make sure to dress accordingly. Don't be discouraged if you can't clean the entire area in 20 minutes - instead, focus on what you did do and how much better it looks! Before and after pictures are great proof that spending a small amount of time can make a huge difference.


Why do you want me to send before and after pictures?

We like to compile all these pictures and share with our friends & followers on social media to show the impact that their 'makeovers' have. Who knows - maybe your pictures will inspire someone not to litter!


Is picking up trash safe?

We'll provide your team with bags and gloves. However, it's still important to make judgement calls about the materials you pick up. Make sure to wear your gloves at all times and don't collect items with bare hands. Antibacterial gel is a good item to have with you during the clean-up, but nothing takes the place of good old fashioned soap and water. Don't handle items that could be dangerous, such as broken glass, sharp plastics, chemical waste, and needles. If you see an uncovered needle during your makeover, please phone the Cape Breton Regional Police's non-emergency line at 902-563-5151. They will send a trained officer to safely remove the needle.


What do we do with the litter we've collected?

Each team will receive a set of stickers with your bags and gloves. Please put a sticker on each bag of litter you collect (which shouldn't be more than a few in 20 minutes). Please place these bags out on your next regularly scheduled garbage day. CBRM Solid waste staff will be on the look out for these stickers and they will not count towards your weekly bag limit.

For schools: Please dispose of litter in your school's dumpster and disregard the stickers.

For businesses: Please dispose of litter with your regular business waste OR someone can take the bags home (with stickers) and put them out with regular garbage.

If you have more questions about disposal, please call 902-567-1628, EXT. 212.


If you have more questions about the 20 Minute Makeover, please contact Caitlin at 902-567-1628, EXT. 212, or e-mail

ACAP Cape Breton

The Atlantic Coastal Action Program (ACAP) Cape Breton is an environmental non-profit community organization and registered charity.


ACAP Cape Breton has a vision for a community in which local people are actively engaged, working and learning together to build healthy and sustainable communities.


Established in 1992, the original mission was to develop a comprehensive ecosystem management plan for the watershed area of industrial Cape Breton.


ACAP Cape Breton has grown into a dynamic group that integrates environmental, social and economic factors into projects focusing on action, education and ecosystem planning.

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