Active Transportation

Active transportation involves choosing modes of transportation that require human power, such as walking cycling, wheel chairing, in-line skating, skateboarding or skiing. In utilizing these modes of transportation we can begin to achieve a cleaner environment and improved personal health.

Climate change and obesity are two prominent issues that affect our society. Active transportation is an easy solution to combat both issues. In NS, 62% of all residents do not get enough physical activity . This is a major concern considering 32% of Nova Scotians aged 2-17 are overweight or obese, compared to 26% of Canadians of the same age (Statistics Canada, 2004).

Instead of reacting to health problems when they arise, ACAP Cape Breton wants residents to prevent potential health issues by becoming more active.

Choosing active means of transportation benefits one’s health, prevents coronary artery disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, hypertension and certain cancers. It also has environmental, social and economic benefits.

Environmental benefits:
• Greenhouse gas emissions reduction
• Air pollution reduction
• Noise reduction
• Improved water quality

Social benefits:
• Increased mobility
• Increased sense of community
• Improved health

Economic benefits:
• Reduced traffic congestion
• Roadway cost savings
• Consumer savings
• Parking cost reduction

Participate in active transportation by taking the first step to a healthier environment!
• Arrange for groups of children to walk to school using the walking school bus program
• Walk or wheel to work
• Take the bus or arrange car pools
• Consider joining a cycling club
• Support local environmental groups to promote ideas and projects that aid active transportation

ACAP Cape Breton sits on two local AT groups:

The former established an active transportation plan for CBRM in June 2008. 

This plan has begun its implementation through Velo Cape Breton’s Can-Bike II Workshop.

For more information visit the Idle-Free or Climate Change.


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