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1. The Environmental Home Assessment Program

In October 2006, ACAP Cape Breton partnered with the Nova Scotia Department of Environment and Labour to deliver Environmental Home Assessments to residents in Eastern Nova Scotia (Cape Breton, Victoria, Inverness and Richmond Counties, the communities of Auld’s Cove and Mulgrave).

The Environmental Home Assessment Program (EHAP) is designed to educate home owners on proper well, septic system and oil tank maintenance. To be eligible to participate in the program, home owners must have a private well and an on-site septic system. Under the Program, homeowners will be provided with the following: a septic system assessment, information on how to properly maintain home oil tanks and an environmental home assessment kit, which includes:

• a $100.00 rebate on septic tank pumping
• a water quality sampling kit
• water saving devices (low flow showerhead, toilet tank bank and low flow aerators)
• a sample of environmentally friendly cleaners
• a well water maintenance guide
• a home oil tank system checklist

In addition, qualifying home owners may be eligible for a septic repair grant of up to $3000. See the following website for more details: www.gov.ns.ca/enla/airlandwater/homeassessment.asp. For further information contact ACAP Cape Breton at 567-1628.

2. EnerGuide for Homes Program

As the cost of heating and electricity continue to grow, ACAP Cape Breton is giving homeowners the opportunity to be advised on how to lessen these costs while helping battle climate change.

ACAP Cape Breton’s Certified Energy Advisors perform a Blower Door Depressurization Test as well as supply a detailed report of the home’s energy efficiency. Our Certified Energy Advisors also evaluate the following areas:

• Air leakages
• Insulation values
• Space heating
• Ventilation
• Hot Water
• Lights and appliances
• Heat losses

When completed Energy advisors will offer recommendations on how to improve problem areas, bringing your home to a comfortable and efficient level of living.

Reducing the amount of energy that Canadians use in their homes is part of Canada’s climate change solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve our environment.

For more information contact ACAP Cape Breton at (902) 567-1628 or email homeenergy@acapcb.ns.ca

You can also visit following websites:

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) about ecoENERGY Retrofit – Homes

Efficiency Nova Scotia
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation


3. Low Flow Toilet Rebate Program

Over 30% of indoor water use occurs through toilet flushing. To help reduce water consumption in the CBRM residents are being offered an extraordinary toilet rebate program - $50.00 credit on their municipal water bill. This program is aimed at encouraging water customers to change their old high-flow toilets for the newer low-flow models.

• Single-family residential customers will receive a $50.00 credit on their municipal water bill for the installation of a 6-litre low-flow flush toilet. In order to receive the credit, participants must meet two requirements:

• The installation address must have an active retail water system account in good standing with the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.

• Participants must agree to have arepresentative from ACAP Cape Breton visit their residence to confirm low-flow toilet installation.

For more information, to receive an APPLICATION, or to drop off a completed application visit ACAP Cape Breton’s Center for Sustainable Communities at 582 George Street, Sydney, or call 567-1628.

You may also mail your completed applications to:

ACAP Cape Breton


Sydney, N.S.


*Please include a copy of your purchase receipt.

4. Showerhead Swap Program

Installing a low-flow showerhead saves up to 50% of a faucet’s water use. Conserve water by bringing in your old showerhead to ACAP Cape Breton’s Center for Sustainable Communities and swap it for a new low flow model FREE of charge.


5. Spring Into Summer, Pesticide-free


As of April 1, 2011, there are new regulations in Nova Scotia for pesticide use. ACAP Cape Breton has partnered with the province topromote this initiative and provide residents of Cape Breton with information on how to keep pest-free, naturally!

Many studies have shown connections between pesticide exposure and illnesses such as cancer, reproductive problems and neurological diseases. In our local environment, pesticides can have a detrimental effect on soil and water due to untargeted chemical pollution. The new rules limit pesticide used on non-essential plants, such as lawns and shrubs. To make it easier on the average lawn lover, only the lower risk pesticides allowed under these rules are available on store shelves. The holistic approach of integrated pest management is one way to tend to your green spaces which takes advantage of physical and natural control before resorting to chemical treatment. There are many options available but it is also important to remember that a low-maintenance lawn is a relaxing option: it’s only a dandelion!

To have the healthiest lawn, home and environment, ACAP Cape Breton encourages you to go entirely pesticide-free! For more information, call or drop by our Centre for Sustainable Communities or read Relax, it’s only a Dandelion

For more information:

Lawn Weed Prevention and Control

Preventing Pests In the Home Garden


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