Low Flow Toilet Rebate Program


Over 30% of indoor water use occurs through toilet flushing. To help reduce water consumption in the CBRM Water Utility customers are being offered an extraordinary toilet rebate program - $50.00 credit on their municipal water bill. This program is aimed at encouraging water customers to change their old high-flow toilets for the newer low-flow models.


Single-family residential customers will receive a $50.00 credit on their municipal water bill for the installation of a 6-litre low-flow flush toilet. In order to receive the credit, participants must meet two requirements:


1. The installation address must have an active retail water system (CBRM Water) account in good standing with the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.


2. Participants must agree to have a representative from ACAP Cape Breton visit their residence to confirm low-flow toilet installation.


*Please note that this credit may take up to three months to be applied to your account.


For more information, to receive an APPLICATION, or to drop off a completed application visit ACAP Cape Breton’s Center for Sustainable Communities at 90 Esplanade, Sydney, or call 902-567-1628.

Or, you can download the application form here: 





You may also mail your completed applications to:


ACAP Cape Breton


Sydney, N.S.



*Please include a copy of your purchase receipt.

ACAP Cape Breton

The Atlantic Coastal Action Program (ACAP) Cape Breton is an environmental non-profit community organization and registered charity.


ACAP Cape Breton has a vision for a community in which local people are actively engaged, working and learning together to build healthy and sustainable communities.


Established in 1992, the original mission was to develop a comprehensive ecosystem management plan for the watershed area of industrial Cape Breton.


ACAP Cape Breton has grown into a dynamic group that integrates environmental, social and economic factors into projects focusing on action, education and ecosystem planning.

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