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The 2021 Bras d'Or Watch Scavenger Hunt

Participate in a self-guided nature scavenger hunt around the Bras d'Or Lakes in Unama'ki (Cape Breton). Download your scavenger hunt package here and explore the lakes and forests of the Bras d'Or from July 25- August 8.

Welcome, Pjila'si, Bienvenue, Fáilte!


Your mission: Explore the Bras d’Or Lakes-- Pitu’paq in Mi’kmaq-- and discover the species that call these waters and forests home. Scroll down for scavenger hunt instructions and download a nature scavenger hunt package containing a species identification guide. 

How to Participate

How to Participate: 

  1. Take your booklet with you anytime you are in the Bras Lakes Watershed: on the water, on the lake shores, or in the surrounding forest.

  2. Check off items on your scavenger hunt list as you find them.

  3. Submit your data to ACAP Cape Breton by taking a photo of your scavenger hunt sheet (front and back) and either sending it to ACAP Cape Breton on Facebook messenger (@ACAPCapeBreton), emailing us, or dropping it off at the ACAP Cape Breton office (90 Esplanade, Sydney, NS).

  4. Please include your name and contact information in your message in order to be eligible to win a small nature prize package. You do not have to find everything on the scavenger hunt list in order to be eligible: just do as much or as little as you can!

  5. You have two weeks: from July 25 to August 8, 2021.

  6. At the end of the scavenger hunt, you can keep your booklet and use it for future discoveries.

Click on the icon to access your scavenger hunt pack:

BDW scav hunt image.jpg
Spcies at Risk

Learn about Species at Risk around Pitu'paq

Species at risk: A plant or animal in danger of extinction or of disappearing from Unama’ki (Cape Breton). This species at risk booklet has been provided by the Unama’ki Institute of Natural Resources (UINR) and the Bras d’Or Lakes Collaborative Environmental Planning Initiative Youth (CEPI Youth). 

jpeg Final-Bras d'Or Watch Species at risk.jpg

to download the booklet click below!

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