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Flat Tappy Project


Based upon the guiding principals of the popular “Flat Stanley Project” created in 1994, Flat Tappy is sure to get children talking about water in their communities - and beyond!
According to the website,, creator Dale Hubert “…had the brilliant idea of having children create their own Flat Stanley paper cut-outs and mailing them to friends and family around the globe, in order to foster authentic literacy activities for kids and get them excited to write about Stanley's adventures.”
Unlike the Flat Stanley project, our Flat Tappy project focuses on taking pictures of water and all the great things it helps us do in our day-to-day life right here in our community!

Please submit pictures of your Flat Tappy adventure to and include the following:


  • Name

  • Age

  • Contact e-mail or phone number


Make sure you read the guidelines before submitting. All submitted images become property of ACAP Cape Breton and can be used in promotional images. For more information about when and where we might use your pictures, please call us.




Print and colour your own Flat Tappy!

Click on the picture above and then right click to select 'print' or 'save as' to print from your desktop later.

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