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Stream and Habitat  Restoration 

Stream Restoration

Over the past two decades, ACAP Cape Breton has restored many freshwater ecosystems, representing kilometers of restored freshwater habitats. Stream habitat is enhanced through the installation of digger logs, deflectors, riparian planting, and the removal of illegal dumpsites. These activities make stream habitat more favorable for fish species that migrate and spawn in freshwater ecosystems; this in turn can help them reproduce more successfully and boost their population.


A digger log is a log installed almost perpendicular to the flow of the stream. This mimics what happens when a tree falls across a stream and becomes wedged into place. Digger logs improve stream habitat by promoting a deep channel, encouraging the formation of curves, and infusing oxygen into the stream.


Along with in-stream structures, ACAP CB plants willow and spruce seedlings along the eroding banks ofstreams. Once the seedlings take root, they will provide cooling shade for fish as well as protect the streams from further erosion.


ACAP Cape Breton has restored habitat on the following streams:


1997 Southwest Brook, Sydney

1998 Northwest Brook, Sydney

1999 Wash Brook, Sydney

2000 Sand Lake Brook, Birch Grove

2001 Mud Lake Brook, Sydney

2002 Wentworth Brook, Sydney

2003 Cantley Creek, Coxheath

2004 Coxheath Brook, Coxheath

2005 Fifes Brook, Black Rock

2006 Georges River, Georges River

2007 MacVicars Brook, Round Island

2008 Stewarts Brook, Grand Mira North

2009 Stewarts Brook, Grand Mira North

2010 Gaspereaux Brook, Mira

2011 Stewarts Brook, Grand Mira North

2012 Mud Lake, Wash, Northwest Brook, Sydney

2013 Dutch Brook, Howie Centre

2014 Lorraine Brook, Little Lorraine

2020 Big Brook, Grantmire Brook, MacSweens Brook Tributary, McNabs Brook, Toms Brook, and George's River


ACAP Cape Breton’s stream restoration work has been made possible by Cabelas, Cape Breton Wildlife Association, Adopt a Stream, and Nova Scotia Salmon Association. 

Past partners have included: Environment Canada, the RBC BlueWater ProjectWalmart Evergreen, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnership Program, and NSLC Adopt-a-Stream.

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