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Pathfinders Exhibit  


The exhibit Machinery is currently on display at the Glace Bay Library in honour of World Water Day however, due to unprecedented circumstances the world as we know it is on sick leave so, we present to you an online gallery showing of: Machinery


How do you have in depth, scientifically accurate conversations with youth about the realities of climate change without inspiring anxiety? Luckily, while it’s true that humans have created some rather large disasters, we are also quite intelligent. We can create solutions. In fact, we do it every day. And creating art is wondrous tool to dismantle anxiety.


After a deep conversation about water and climate change, the United Nations’ theme for World Water Day 2020, we asked the Glace Bay Pathfinders to think outside the box. “If you could invent anything, any manner of machine, to provide solutions to water access barriers caused by climate change what would you invent?”


With their great ideas from outside the box we put tools in their hands and set to work actually deconstructing boxes. The young women took apart broken jewelry boxes, clocks, VCRs, books, cameras, etc. and used the parts to create sculptures of their solutions. They removed hinges, added hinges, removed doors, and lined drawers, while we drilled and provided supports for their designs. The results? Well, please enjoy this online gallery exhibit of Machinery, and see for yourself.

Click on Gallery below for enlarged images and descriptions of each piece. 

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