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Low Flow Toilet Rebate Program


Over 30% of indoor water use occurs through toilet flushing. To help reduce water consumption in the CBRM Water Utility customers are being offered an extraordinary toilet rebate program - $50.00 credit on their municipal water bill. This program is aimed at encouraging water customers to change their old high-flow toilets for the newer low-flow models.


Single-family residential customers will receive a $50.00 credit on their municipal water bill for the installation of a 6-litre low-flow flush toilet. In order to receive the credit, participants must meet two requirements:


1. The installation address must have an active retail water system (CBRM Water) account in good standing with the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.


2. Participants must agree to have a representative from ACAP Cape Breton visit their residence to confirm low-flow toilet installation, if necessary.


*Please note that this credit may take up to three months to be applied to your account.


For more information, to receive an application, or to drop off a completed application visit ACAP Cape Breton at 90 Esplanade, Sydney, or call 902-567-1628.


View or print the Low Flow Toilet Brochure here



You may also mail your completed applications to:


ACAP Cape Breton

PO BOX 28 Station "A"

Sydney, NS

B1P 6G9


*Please include a copy of your purchase receipt.





Residential waste can be separated into four separate waste streams:


• Recyclable containers

• Paper products

• Compostable material (green cart)

• Regular refuse for disposal


Recycling Guidelines:


• Labels do not have to be removed

• Please remove caps, straws, etc...

• Rinse out all containers

• Paper recyclables go in a blue bag

• Cardboard must be clean and dry

• Cardboard should be flattened, bundled and tied no larger than 2ft by 3ft by 8in.


CBRM Sort Sheet available here .PDF


Solid Waste & Household Waste Disposal


Call the Solid Waste Hotline: (902) 567-1337


Mailing Address: 320 Esplanade, Sydney, N.S. B1P 7B9


CBRM's Solid Waste By-Law

CBRM now has a new solid waste by-law. For many residents and commercial and institutional businesses, this could require a change to the way they currently dispose of recyclables and waste materials. Click the button below to view a PDF of the CBRM Solid Waste Resource Management By-Law.


CBRM's Waste Separation Guide available here



CBRM Residence now has:

• A mandatory blue bag program for households and apartment units.

• Blue Bags must be curbside and visible before 8:00 a.m. on collection day.

• Collection from a multi-unit dwelling changed. A max of 30 garbage bags will be collected bi-weekly from each complex at curbside.

• Plastic grocery bags should not be used for curbside collection.

• A maximum of 5 garbage bags per household can be placed out on collection day.

• There is no limit to the amount of blue bags placed at curbside during blue bag collection day.

• Boxes and bins used for garbage collection must be maintained and kept in good condition. Bins should be rodent and animal proof.


Failure to comply with these new regulations may result in your garbage and recyclables being left at the curb. Garbage bags may be randomly checked for recyclables. Garbage bags containing recyclables may be tagged with a rejection sticker and left to be properly sorted by the homeowner. Remember it's important to Recycle Right!


Check your Garbage Day and Blue Bag Week schedule here


How to dispose of…



Household batteries are brought to Green Island Recycling Facility. Rechargeable batteries are brought to participating retailers. Car batteries are brought to their point of sale or a scrap dealer.



Electronic waste may be taken to an EPRA Recycling Depot.



Plastics 1 to 7 are recycled, and placed in Blue Bag #1. Plastic containers must be rinsed clean. However, any plastic containers that contain liquids that are toxic to the environment should not be rinsed to be recycled, and should be thrown out.


Glossy paper (i.e. catalogues, magazines, flyers)

Glossy paper is recycled and placed in Blue Bag #2.


Old paint/Paint cans

Empty paint can be placed in the garbage whereas leftover paint can be taken to your nearest Enviro Depot or the HSW Depot located at 345 Gulf Crescent in Sydport.


Aerosol spray cans

Aerosol cans (and any other product with an explosive warning symbol) is considered Household Special Waste (HSW). HSW products should be brought to the CBRM HSW depot located at 345 Gulf Crescent in Sydport. Industrial, Commercial and Institutional waste is NOT accepted. Residential waste only!



Although Styrofoam is recyclable, CBRM does not have the facilities to recycle Styrofoam. It is not feasible to transport it to the nearest Styrofoam recycling facility because of its very low density. Styrofoam is disposed of in regular garbage.


Broken glass

Broken glass is thrown out in the garbage. It has to be contained properly so any of the glass will not be exposed, preventing bodily injury. This can be done by placing in a box and taping shut, or even placed in a Javex bottle. Please be sure to label that the material is broken glass.


Waste oil/Hazardous wastes

Any hazardous waste fluids can be brought back to the point of sale to be recycled, free of charge.


Light bulbs

These are thrown out in the garbage, but make sure they're not placed on the outside of the bag to prevent breakage. Florescent tubes can be brought to the RHSW depot located at 345 Gulf Crescent Sydport Industrial Park. Please report to the office upon arrival. Contact number (902) 564-8104



You can return up to 4 tires to your nearest automotive center for disposal, free of charge.


Wrapping paper

This is thrown in the garbage because the material it is made with is not recyclable.



Some working appliances may be eligible for Efficiency Nova Scotia's Appliance Retirement Program.


Non-working appliances may be taken to CBRM Solid Waste Management Facility 145 Spar Road, Mon.-Sat. 8AM - 4PM. (902) 567-1337.


Stoves, fridges, washing machines, freezers, etc. are considered heavy garbage. You can dispose of these items at the CBRM Solid Waste Management Facility on SPAR Road or wait until heavy garbage collection held throughout CBRM in Spring.


White metal appliances

These are taken to the CBRM Solid Waste Management Facility 145 Spar Road, Mon.-Sat. 8AM - 4PM. (902) 567-1337.


Important: Any white metal appliances such as fridges that are left sitting until being brought to the CBRM Waste Management Facility should have their doors taken off to prevent people getting trapped inside.

Cardboard boxes

These are ripped up and placed in Blue Bag #2. Note that these pieces MUST be clean and free of stains.



For more information on CBRM SOLID WASTE please visit


For a list of Enviro-Depots in Cape Breton please visit


*Note - Not all locations provide refunds.

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