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Panty Liner
  • Panty Liner

    Body Honour Panty Liners are thin, breathable, reliable and oh so comfortable... seriously!

    Measuring approximately the same length as a yucky garbage panty liner, this liner is 6 inches long and is perfect for those light days, as a cup back-up, or as that little every-day- safety-net that you might use a disposable liner for. (I'm looking at you, sneeze-pee.)

    This liner features a cotton flannel top, absorbent zorb core and fleece backing. Wide wings and plastic snaps keep this pad in its place!

    • How do They Work?

      Well, they work very well, thanks for asking... Oh, you mean, HOW do they work?

      Ok, here at Body Honour, we've tested out a number of fabric combinations, from minky to diaper fabric, and for us, cotton is the clear winner. (Not that we don't occasionally try other fabrics... you may see some minky, or organic bamboo velour!)

      The cotton, or cotton flannel, top is the piece that goes to your body. It is soft and comfortable, breathable and absorbent. But while cotton is absorbent,  is not a "wick moisture away" type of fabric. Which we love because, well, being too dry is uncomfortable too!

      At the core of each Body Honour cloth pad is a layer (or two, depending on pad size/purpose) of Zorb, which is a highly absorbent fiber blend (bamboo/cotton/viscose and poly micro fiber) "These fibers are non-allergenic, durable and easy to sanitize. We manufacture Zorb in the USA and Canada in modern facilities that are safe & friendly for workers and the environment." - Mike, Wazoodle* (Wazoodle, that's where we get it.)

      After the layer of Zorb comes one more layer of flannel, and finally, there's the fleece backing. Unfortunately, this fleece backing is not an organic fiber - it's 100% Polyester, which is what makes it water resistant - it doesn't absorb - but it does breathe, which we love.

      How Many do I Need? 

      This is totally a personal preference, and unique flow thing.

      If you're planning to use your Body Honour cloth pads for every day/incontinence purposes, you'll need 1-2 a day, for however many days you plan to go without doing a load of laundry. So if laundry day in your house is every Sunday, and (like us) you can barely keep up that schedule, get at least 14.
      If you do laundry more frequently, you may need less, but if you find that you need more than 2 in the run of a day, of course, you'll need more. Keep track of your disposable use for a few days for your magic number.

      If your cloth pad stash is for period purposes, the number you need depends on your flow and laundry habits. I (Shannon) prefer to have enough pads for one full week of my period, and then wash them in their own small laundry cycle at the end of the week - so I need about 8-12 Panty Liners, 8-10 Regular Pads, and 2 Overnight Pads. I just keep them all in a waterproof bag and just toss it all into the wash at the end of the week.
      If you don't mind doing laundry more often, you can get away with fewer pads. Track what you're using in disposables and go from there.

      If you're just looking for some Menstrual Cup Back-up, get 5-7 panty liners and call it a day.

      How do I Care For My Body Honour Cloth Pads?

      You guys. This. Is. So. Easy.

      All you need to do to care for your cloth pads is toss them into a cold wash. That's it. All of our pads are washer and dryer safe!

      Keep your used pads in a wet bag, or another safe place, until wash day. No need to soak in a pail of water, actually, that's a bit of a hassle to us lazy gals considering that you must change the water daily. Rinsing them as soon as you switch them isn't necessary either, however, it will reduce staining if rinsed with cold before tossing into the wet bag.

      You can use your regular detergent, although we prefer a cloth diaper specific or natural soap and you can include them with your other laundry if you don't have enough to do a small load of just pads. We often wash with other dark laundry, towels or socks and undies.

      Please note: It is important to use cold water to avoid staining.

      Every 6 months or so, I (Shannon) like to run a hot, detergent free, wash after the cold wash, just to freshen them up a bit.

      Never use bleach or fabric softener. A natural stain remover,  like Buncha Farmers is ok, but laying your pads in the sun will also do the trick. 

      How long will they last?

      We have some that are going on 8 years now!

      Depending on how often they are washed, we expect that you will get 8-12 years (if not more) out of your cloth pad stash!

      What's the Return Policy?

      Due to the personal nature of this product, returns for exchange or refund will not be accepted.  Please contact us right away if there is a manufacturer defect so we can make it right!

      Can you be found in any Retailers, or at any Events?