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Tapping Out Video Competition Results 2018

Art competitions are a platform to exercise your creativity, build your portfolio, and gain experience in community engagement. This is an avenue to get your work out there and learn about your own style. Students were invited to submit video entries to compete with peers across the municipality.

Video as a medium gives us the opportunity to get a message across along with the added dimension of audio.

We are intimately connected to the environment via the water we use. Water from our taps comes from nature and water that we flush down our drains goes back to nature. Drumroll………..

We want to thank all students who entered for taking the time to write, create, and submit videos to our Tapping Out video competition!

The winners are:

1st place: Brandon White and Richard Geddes with a bursary of $1,500 between them.

2nd place: Sam Morrison, Nakayla King, Steve Furguson, and Kirkland Guthro with a bursary prize of $500 between them.

Two honorable mentions are:

Christene Southwell with her beautiful imagery and excellent script &

Clint Beaton for making us laugh with his alligator threat footage.

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