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2020 Stormwater Solutions Bursary

ACAP Cape Breton is now accepting submissions for the Stormwater Solutions bursary competition. This contest is open to grade 12 students in the CBRM. It is a great opportunity for a chance to win a $1,000 or $500 bursary by effectively communicating scientific concepts.

This competition is a platform to exercise your creativity, address a real local issue, and gain experience in community engagement. Please read contest rules (below) carefully.

All organisms are intimately connected to the environment via water. Stormwater travels over and through land picking up particles along the way, ultimately delivering these particles into aquatic ecosystems such as rivers, wetlands, lakes, and oceans.

Prize breakdown is $1000.00 for first place and $500 for second place

Students are asked to identify one of many issues arising from urban stormwater and present the information in the form of an infographic.

Submissions are due by March 31, 2020


Theme: Stormwater

Build an understanding of the largest growing source of urban pollution.

Stormwater is rainwater and snowmelt that lands on rooftops, lawns, and other hard surfaces and then runs off over land and into storm drains and waterways. If it can be naturally absorbed into the ground it is no problem; but in urban areas with limited exposed earth, it can cause flooding, pollution, erosion, strain on infrastructure, etc.

Infographic Examples

Below are two infographics that we have created at ACAP to help people understand two environmental concepts: the carbon footprints of various shopping bag options and the benefits of using tap water over bottled water. Notice that both images have a section for references. References are important, as your audience will want to know where the information came from or where they can find more details.

Stormwater Topics

Humans have changed the way water moves through the water cycle by creating urban areas with lots of impermeable surfaces. Impermeable surfaces, like rooftops and parking lots, do not allow water to be absorbed and force it to flow overland as run off. This run off picks up speed and contaminants as it moves along.

This simple change has many effects such as flooding, stream bank erosion, habitat loss, pollution, less effective wastewater treatment, infrastructure damage, change in chemical composition of aquatic habitats ... the list goes on!

Select a way that stormwater effects the environment that is important to you and read about it. Once you have an understanding, illustrate a component of your topic in an infographic to help others understand it.

Competition Rules

  • The contest is open to students living within the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.

  • Infographic must be an original design by the student that touches on the theme of stormwater.

  • At least one reference must be included.

  • If you choose to submit as a team please list the names of each entrant in your submission email. If your entry wins, the prize bursary will be divided up as many ways as individuals listed in the original submission email.

  • Only original work will be accepted. Reproduction of trademarked ideas will not be accepted. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

  • Each entry MUST be identified with the nameof the student, the school, as well as a phone number. This information must be filled out when the submission is dropped off or in the body of the entry email.

  • ACAP Cape Breton and CBRM Wastewater Operations may use your graphic for promotional purposes.

Submissions must be received before the deadline.

Before submitting check for:

  • Quality

  • Messaging

  • Appropriate content

To submit:

Send your image in the form of a JPG, PDF or PNG file attached to an email, subject heading “Stormwater Solutions Competition” to If your design was done by hand and you want to drop it off in person please do so between 8:30 – 4:30 Monday to Friday at ACAP Cape Breton (90 Esplanade in Sydney).

Entry must include:

Name, school, and contact phone number in the body of the email

For more information contact Jen at or (902) 567-1628 x206

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