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Tapping Out Video Competition 2018


ACAP Cape Breton is now accepting submissions for the Tapping Out video competition. This contest is open to grades 11 and 12 students in the CBRM. It is a great opportunity for a chance to win $1,500 by expressing ecological concepts with art.


All entries must be submitted to ACAP Cape Breton no later than April 15, 2018.

Art competitions are a platform to exercise your creativity, build your portfolio, and gain experience in community engagement. This is an avenue to get your work out there and learn about your own style. Students are invited to submit video entries (see Contest Rules below) to compete with peers across the municipality.

Video as a medium gives us the opportunity to get a message across along with the added dimension of audio.


Sewage Surfer by Justin Hofman earned a finalist position for Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2017. Sewage Surfer (right) taken by Justin Hofman is a photograph that perfectly captures the link between our habits at home with the environment we affect. This photo earned Justin a place as a finalist for Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2017. Sure, a picture says a thousand words but with video you can and furnish your story with humour, movement, music, and more.





-Tapped Out-

We are intimately connected to the environment via the water we use. Water from our taps comes from nature and water that we flush down our drains goes back to nature.

Can you capture the concept of this connection with video?

Theme: Tapped Out

How do we impact ocean health every day?


Students are asked to represent our connection to our environment through wastewater. Wastewater is water that has been used or affected by people. It’s generated in homes, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and industries. Water from sinks, tubs, toilets, washing machines, floor drains, and industrial processes is considered wastewater.


Only 20% of our municipal wastewater is currently treated. That means 80% of our homes directly affect our waterways!


Examples within this theme could include the following:


  • Where does water go when it leaves our homes? Some avenues to explore are wastewater pipes, treatment, or ecosystems.


  • How do we treat wastewater? Wastewater treatment processes remove harmful elements from the water. Water is settled and filtered to remove particles and then it is disinfected. Humans are brilliant creatures with a great capacity for problem solving which could be creatively highlighted within this theme.


  • What is safe to go down the drain and what isn’t? Why are some items unsafe to go down the drain? Students could represent the fact that cooking oil or bacon causes “fatbergs” and can offset delicate ecological balances.


  • Another major local problem is plastics or “flushable” items unable to naturally decompose. Where do they end up?


Prize Breakdown: 1st Place - $1,500; 2nd Place - $500


Competition Rules


The contest is open to students living within the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.Cartoons/animation, stop action, live action videos will be accepted. Video files must uploaded to but not made live. The link must be sent in before the deadline to qualify. If you require help with this form of submission call ACAP for support. If you choose to submit as a team please list the names of each entrant in your submission email. If your video wins the prize money will be divided up as many ways as individuals listed in the original submission email. Only original artwork will be accepted. Reproduction of trademarked characters will not be accepted. Use of our characters, the Wastewater Warders is acceptable. See for character description. Each entry MUST be identified with the name and grade of the student, the school, as well as a phone number. This information must be filled out when the submission is dropped off or in the body of the entry email.  ACAP Cape Breton and CBRM Wastewater Operations may use art pieces for promotional purposes, they will be uploaded to our YouTube Channels, website, and shared on our social media. Submissions must be received before the deadline.Before submitting check for:QualityMessagingAppropriate content 


To submit:

Send an email to including:


Name, school, and contact phone number in the body of the email and link to video.

You may include a summary of the video or message if you wish. 



For more information contact Jen at or (902) 567-1628


The deadline for submissions is April 15, 2018.

Upon request, ACAP Cape Breton can provide an educational presentation on local wastewater issues for your class!

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