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The Wastewater Warders are a super hero duo here to help us understand how we can protect the environment through wastewater. Did you know that in the CBRM we have treatment plants that clean the water that goes down our drains? Do you know what would happen in the environment if we didn’t treat our waste? The Wastewater Warders are here to show us. 

Wastewater Warders: The Beginning



















Alex rushed into the garage with an armful of books.


“Sadie, our science fair project is the greatest idea ever. Just think if we could clean up dirty water with our Magnomorpher Machine before it goes down the drain, we’d be heroes!”


“Yes!” said Sadie, picking up a beaker of water, “our science teacher said that all the water in the world is all the water we will ever have. If we could clean up the wastewater created …“


Just then Sadie’s cat jumps onto their machine, the Magnomorpher, and it zaps Alex, Sadie, and the beaker of water.

They get pushed back by the power of the blast and bump a can of paint down the sink!


“Oh no!” Knowing that paint is a No Drainer and shouldn’t go down the drain they dove to catch it and found themselves following it down the drain!


“We can shrink?!” said Sadie, floating down the drainpipe.


“We can breathe under water?!” exclaimed Alex as they rounded a bend in the pipe.


“Alex, we need to stop that paint! We can’t let it get to the Wastewater Treatment Plant or end up in the environment!”


They followed the paint through the pipes in hot pursuit.


“We have shrinking powers, Alex, and we can breathe under here! Maybe we can shrink the paint!”


“Great idea! Okay, focus on shrinking the paint down so we can put it in this beaker”


With a little effort they shrunk down the spilled paint and scooped it into the beaker.


“Alright!” said Sadie with a high five.


They swam back out of the pipes and grew to their proper size.


“Sadie, we can protect water by defending the drains in our homes from things that can harm the Wastewater Treatment Plant and the environment with these powers!”


“We really can! We’re the Wastewater Warders!”


“We’re not the only ones with the power.  You can be a Wastewater Warder too, by making sure everyone in your home puts No Drainers in their place!”


Print out this fun Wastewater Warders colouring page!

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